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Niacin: Nicotinic acid, one of the B-complex vitamins-B 3. Deficiency of niacin in the diet results in the disease pellagra

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No other niacin supplement is as powerful as NiacinMax. Because no other niacin supplement uses our unique delivery technology.

Niacine max

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Conventional enegry supplements like tablets, pills, powders and liquids have very poor bioavailability, which means they are not absorbed very well by your body. Ordinary supplements have to pass through your digestive system where they are destroyed by the bodies digestion systems before they can enter your bloodstream and reach your cells. Un-like NiacinMax

Remember as much as 90% of an ordinary supplement never reaches your bloodstream because the acids in your digestive system destroy most of it before it gets there. Which means it’s impossible for you to benefit from its true effects.

Most supplements only deliver 10-15% of their active ingredient into your bloodstream. NiacinMax delivers up to 90% pure niacin straight into your bloodstream, making it 45 times more effective than any other supplement.

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Many years has been spent perfecting our unique, proprietary delivery technology, so we know NiacinMax is the fastest acting, most powerful niacin supplement on the market. Like a nicotine patch Niacin is pass straight into the blood stream for immediate effect. Not an arm patch, but a fast dissolving tongue strip.  You really must try it!

Niacine Max - increase HGH

NiacinMax Value

We also know it’s the most cost effective niacin supplement you can buy. With just one NiacinMax strip the equivalent of 45 ordinary 100mg niacin pills, you’d have to spend an awful lot of money on other supplements to get anywhere near the same results as NiacinMax (and they don’t even give you a money back guarantee).

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1   Increased red blood cell production and blood flow maximises nutrient and oxygen delivery to muscles, improving energy levels, reducing fatigue and enabling you to reach your peak physical performance.

2  Increases human growth hormone levels by over 600%, boosting recovery, fat burning and muscle growth, allowing you to build your ideal physique faster.

3  Increased oxygen flow to the brain improves focus and concentration, enabling faster reactions and quicker decisions while competing, giving you the edge over your competitors.

4  Rapidly dissolving tongue strip infused with liposomal encapsulation technology delivers 75mg of pure niacin directly into your bloodstream, giving you the fastest acting, most powerful niacin supplement on the market.


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With Our 67 Day Money Back Guarantee

Niacin (nicotinic acid, vitamin B3) is a part of the normal diet that is essential to various chemical reactions in the body. It is used medically to treat individuals with deficiency of niacin. Advanced deficiency of niacin can lead to a condition called pellagra in which individuals develop diarrhea, dermatitis (inflammation of the skin), and dementia.

Niacin also is used to reduce cholesterol and triglyceride levels in the blood. Specifically it reduces bad cholesterol (LDL cholesterol) and increases good cholesterol (HDL cholesterol). It is not clear how niacin causes its effects on cholesterol and triglyceride levels, but it may be by reducing the production of proteins that transport cholesterol and triglycerides in the blood.

Niacin is available in immediate and slow-release forms (Niaspan, Slo-Niacin). Natural sources of niacin include meat, poultry, liver, fish, nuts, green vegetables, whole grains, and potatoes. Niaspan was approved by the FDA in July 1997.

PRESCRIBED FOR: Niacin is used for treating niacin deficiency. It is also used for reducing elevated blood cholesterol and triglyceride levels and increasing HDL cholesterol. In patients with high cholesterol, coronary artery disease that increase the risk of heart attacks, niacin reduces the risk of heart attacks, and slows progression or promotes regression of coronary artery disease.

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With Our 67 Day Money Back Guarantee